Friday, September 12, 2014


perhaps it was a cosmic twist, perfectly timed, secret but to the beholders,

one from the north and one from the south….

fates spun, and fates chosen (if you believe in that sort of nonsense, which, of course, she does not) we travelled continents to find each other.  oceans and speeches and afternoon naps, hazy eyes, bright minds, we are the same, just with different grins; so we formed a pale plan, white teeth and spindle fingers, smoke and slight lisps, both vague, we promised to meet, though we hardly knew each other, we knew we had to meet.

dublin in the morning was sleepy and sunlit and just cold enough that our breath told us which way the wind blew.  our rented car, backwards, counterclockwise, took us from the city and into the country…

our waters and our wild, the floods and the mountains were all before us, nothing was behind.  we drove for hours and the landscape rippled with us; we drove with the day and the clouds caught us.   on the accordion cliffs next to an angry sea we wound up the slopes of moher, our voices swallowed.  under a stormy gloaming we understood that the world was so wide and screamed in wonder (what chill! how wet!) and grinned at our tiny, strong souls.

for two weeks we were lost, thieves of sunlight, maps and mud, knots in our laces and in our hair; styrofoam and fights and clothes washed in the showers with us.   and the air (what lightness) it spoke of youth and kissed our milk skins as we ran from the roadside, children, this was our playground: smooth stones and moonless beaches, boat skeletons and whispered grass paths…churches forgotten, the bones of castles past, kingdoms,

we collected our memories in mollusk shells, the tides murmured, rivers swelled, we were the lost girls.

and perhaps we remain lost, in this foreign city we call home… i hope so.  our secrets, what we know of each other, the pieces we have left behind: hats, plants unsuitably, though purposefully placed on doorsteps, thousands of footsteps, trespassed, our naked truths, plans and hungers, fears and falls … when i would cry and you would laugh and tell me to shut up and i knew that you were right there beside me, in our small infinite, safe, some quiet, we can stay lost, just for a second…

this is what our grin is, our smile: what we know to exist, though it might not have been; fortuity, serendipitous meeting,
my astral sister,
untamed grace,
i am so lucky, i love you.